Turmeric polishing machine

The customer is in need of high quality polished turmeric for making turmeric powder. The surface area of raw turmeric is polished and is totally covered when polishing turmeric to arrest dust not to flow in the air. By inculcating advanced technology, . Department of Mechanical . Find Spice Manufacturers, Chilli Powder Exporters, Spice Powder Manufacturers-Mps, Onion Garlic Masala Manufacturers, Organic Spice Manufacturers-Ecolife in Sangli.

Machine Energized by Human Power Flywheel.

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Comparative evaluation of different types of turmeric polisher. TURMERIC POLISH MACHINE. This machine have to polishing turmeric make and good color and cleanly.

The turmeric can be polished within minutes.

It can be fitted with tractor PTO soft. The central shaft of the washer is removed and. Mechanical polishing drums have been developed for handling large quantities. For this a drum having 0. It is kept horizontally on a shaft and operated by a handle.

Dry turmeric kg approx. This is done by means of air and the difference of density between them. It yields maximum returns. Then the Turmeric fingers are graded by our experts manually and are sent for the further process.

There is a separate department for polishing the turmeric fingers. This ensures hygienic and effective polishing which gives better appearance to the product. In this metho all the turmeric . Hence it is proposed to popularize the practice of using improved polishers for polishing turmeric.

The average cost of such a polishing machine is estimated as Rs. Multipurpose dust proof polishing machine is for polishing of various materials to clear or clean the surface area suitable for Turmeric , Coconut Shell and Roots etc. Waste material and dust will be collected separately.

It also improves the colour of the product from a dirty-brown to a bright-yellow.

Hand polishing This method is simple and . Source from Xingyi Stone Caring Tools Co. To polish the raw turmeric. Cleaning of Mu stacks. Starting range from 1kg. Polishing Time : minutes per batch) .