Our manual sweepers offer an easy way to keep your carpets, hard floors . A street sweeper cleans the streets, usually in an urban area. Street sweepers have been employed in cities since sanitation and waste removal became a priority. A street-sweeping person would use a broom and shovel . Sweepers are small, tropical marine (occasionally brackish) perciform fish of the family Pempheridae.

Found in the western Atlantic Ocean and Indo-Pacific region , the family contains about species in two genera.

One species (Pempheris xanthoptera) is the target of subsistence fisheries in Japan, where the fish is much . Choose the high-quality construction of Tennant sweepers , designed to stand up to the harshest — and handle the most delicate — environments. Sweepers , wide product range road sweeping machine manufacturer. A Sweeper is one who dedicates their life to catching criminals and receiving rewards for their capture. Sweepers Sweeper is just a slang term for a bounty hunter, one who hunts criminals for their bounty. Certified by the Government, they get their jobs by finding wanted posters and or pamphlets with information regarding . Dulevo designs and manufactures innovative street and indoor cleaning equipment by combining its long-standing experience with cutting-edge technology.

Schmidt Street King 660. The special sweeping technology of the mounted sweepers ensure rapid and high performance cleaning operations over long distances.

STIHL Manual Sweepers save time and most importantly provide clean with the KG 5model being ideal for private use around the house and the KG 7model for professional use. At Challenger we manufacture chassis mounted mechanical road sweepers. These street sweepers are reliable machines that feature high fuel efficiency and low initial cost. Built as robust machines, our mechanical broom sweepers are suited for a wide range of applications while benefiting from a tight turning-radius to . Nilfisk sweepers help you pick up debris while keeping dust under control. Our range offers dust-free sweeping for any size application and for both indoor and outdoor tasks.

They are durable and ensure high productivity. Safe, easy to use, able to satisfy all the indoor and outdoor sweeping needs. The new Streamline generation of FAUN road sweepers already combine the unique FAUN air circulation System with revolutionarily improved air flow: the smaller and lighter VW-diesel engine allows the angled position of the fan directly in the air stream. The installation space that has become free . Western Pennsylvania slang for a vacuum cleaner.

Compact street sweepers Sand Urban- Sweeper S medium-sized street sweeper SCompact sweeper Urban- Sweeper S2. Cleaning leftovers of grit or debris in spring-time, vacuuming fallen leaves on streets Multipurpose Vehicle PONY Pwith washing .