Retractable cone bar barricades and barriers

Purchase your Cone Bar Barricades and from our company and save. Extremely portable and lightweight At only 1. Just drop the Cone – Bar ring onto the top of the cones or delineators to setup an inexpensive barrier around hazardous or controlled areas. This retractable , telescopic, lightweight, reflective barrier is designed to fit over traffic cones.

The pole extends to forms a barrier and will fit over virtually any traffic cone or witches hat. Simply place the end loop (80mm diameter) over each safety cone and set the bar – The retractable barrier pole can be extended between . Create a safety barrier with our versatile retracting cone bar that expands from 6ft to 10ft lengths. These white and orange retractable cone bars are made from ABS plastic materials and bar is fully taped with EG ( Engineered Grade) reflective tape for greater visibility. Traffic cone bar is fully EG.

Our range also features a retractable barrier bar that can be used with virtually any traffic cone. Retractable Barrier Bar. Hire Terms: Minimum Hire: day . The Cone Bar Barricade Kit is a quick set up ADA cone bar barrier system for use around man holes, sidewalk repair, crowd control, etc.

It is extremely portable and easy to assemble and requires limited storage space. These reflective, retractable PVC cone bars , available in two lengths, easily convert any pair of traffic cones into a pedestrian barrier. Turn a visual barrier into a physical barrier by simply fitting this retractable , adjustable Flexstake cone bar over two traffic cones.

A highly visible barrier that turns traffic cones into barricades. Using the outer rings, simply place the bar between any traffic cones and you have an instant makeshift barrier. Block access or create perimeters with retractable cone bars from Crowd Control Store!

Extend:210CM or 320CM 2. Close: 130CM or 180CM 3. Read about company and get contact details and address. Easily place traffic cone bar ends over traffic cones to create barricades. Features three 4W high-intensity reflective collars for increased . They are best used in combination with road cones. Effortless ordering and convenient delivery.

Log-in or register for your pricing. The key features of Cone Bars are that they are light in weight and retractable.