How to use swiffer wet jet

The unit requires simple assembly before the first use and regular replacement of the cleaning solution and cleaning pads. Uses the power of steam for a deep floor clean that gets messes mops can leave behind. Taking these preventative steps can help you maximize on your clean and extend the life of your floors.

The scent is Blossom Breeze. The cleaner is designed for use on sealed hardwood and laminate floors. With a unique dual-nozzle sprayer, this all-in- one mopping system breaks up and dissolves tough messes for a powerful clean. This hardwood floor mop is safe on all finished wood floors. Stop wasting money on disposable swiffer wet jet pads!

These are machine washable, use them over and over! Free shipping on purchases over $and save every day with your Target REDcard. Swiffer WetJet Wood Floor Cleaner Details.

Recommended WetJet mopping pad for use on . You could try using a fuzzy sock just like . Then, spritz your entire floor before mopping. The pads lock-away core and cleaning cuffs help with easy floor cleaning. They use bottles of cleaning solutions that come in different scents.

You just press a button on the wetjet and the cleaning solution squirts out on the floor and you mop it up with the . REUSABLE SWIFFER WET JET PADS. MADE OUT OF ABSORBABLE MICROFIBER WITH A COTTON BACKING AND DECORATIVE TRIM. VELCRO ATTACHES TO YOUR SWIFFER.

JUST WASH AND DRY AND RE- USE WITH YOUR SWIFFER WET JET —NO M. Testers noted the pads were easy to dispense and the system was easy to use. RTFM what is wrong with reading the accompanied instructions? Fresh AA alkaline batteries needs to be used in the battery compartment, as written in the instructions manual.

Make sure they are brand new and that they come from the same pack. If you have not replaced the batteries in a while, insert new batteries in the compartment. Do not use carbon zinc, rechargeable, or use a mix . Pull the bottle out and use something to protect against burning your fingers. I used my shirt, but it may be better to use oven mitts.

Twist the cap off while the plastic is soft. Now so you can keep reusing this bottle, cut down the tabs inside the cap. That is, it can use either dry or wet-type disposable cloths.