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Compostez sans jardin avec le seau Bokashi. Vous habitez en appartement ? Bokashicycle provides bokashi fermenting and recycling information and a blog for bokashi enthusiasts. Many links to information about large scale composting, compost use landfills and food scrap recycling. Macleay Landcare Network › Videos sept.

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Le bokashi ( matière organique fermentée en japonais) est une méthode de compostage très efficiente, pouvant être adaptée au contexte urbain. Une vidéo pour concevoir le . There are a couple of different ways to do this. Also remember to wash out your . Dans cette vidéo on voit très bien que feuilles, branches , restes de racines,. It is an ingenious Japanese system that ferments all your kitchen waste and transforms it into the true organic fertilizer.

It is perfect composting for your gardens. Rats, racoons, flies, mice and bears who might typically be attracted to home compost are not attracted to bokashi.

Bokashi means fermented organic matter in Japanese. At the heart of bokashi composting is the microbe laced bran that you use to inoculate and thus pickle your food wastes. When I was working with my town we made this demo video about how to make your own bokashi bran.

The key to the success of this system is the specially designed Trust bin and wood brain bokashi compost powder. To compost kitchen waste: Lay down initial layer of Probiotic Bokashi. When the bucket is opene the contents, though recognizable, are thoroughly pickled. At this stage, the “pre- compost ” as one company brochure terms it can be buried in a fallow spot in the garden. One Caution: It is still so acidic that . Réalisez chez vous votre compost facilement et sans contraintes à partir de vos déchets alimentaires avec à la poubelle à compost BOKASHI ORGANICO.

If you an are active composter you will likely know that there are some materials not recommended for a compost pile or worm bin – namely meats, oily foods and dairy. A great recipe for making bokashi is provided – I basically followed these intructions (along with the Foley video above) when making my mix. A worm farm helps to improve your soil so . Quelques informations sur le bokashi. On peut y déposer les produits cuisinés ou non, les viandes, le poisson, les fruits et les légumes et même les os.

Contrairement au compost. In bokashi bin composting, you take your food waste directly to your compost bin, without going through the process of fermentation first. In the bokashi compost process, fermentation is taking place.

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