Colour shaper

Le color shaper est un pinceau unique à pointe en silicone pour sculpter les couleurs et créer des effets. Colour Shaper Gerstaecker. On va vous présenter les colour shaper car on en parle tout le temps. Le COLOUR SHAPER est un outil pour artistes à pointe silicone.

Il peut être utilisé avec tout type de couleur.

Découvrez tous les articles Beaux Arts chez Cultura. POINTE SOUPLE (Couleur ivoire) : Plutôt . Perfect for painting, drawing, lifting and blending oils, acrylics, pastels, charcoals and more. They can also be used for model making and sculpting. The revolutionary silicone tool for creating a wide variety of effects!

The tip will not absorb any. Use the rubber tip shapes to lift or blend paint, draw line, and draw contours. Free Shipping on eligible items.

Save on everyday low prices. You may be wondering just what is a colour shaper ? These are incredible tools that have a handle that looks similar to a paint brush. They are usually more expensive than your . Le colour shaper est un pinceau unique à pointe ferme pour sculpter les couleurs et créer des effets en vente sur notre site. Livraison rapide et économies garanties ! Plus how you can make your own version. Résolument différent, le COLOUR SHAPER est un outil unique à pointe silicone pour façonner la couleur et obtenir ainsi des effets sans équivalent ! Its silicone tip allows you to control paint and paint mediums in new and exciting ways, opening up a whole new world of creativity.

The colour shaper is a tool that I can confidently say has transformed my artwork. Before I was introduced to them, I would blend pastel using a blending stump or my finger (I still use my finger occasionally for large areas). The main issue I had with using either of these methods is that the blending stump . Poils: Caoutchouc Forme: Pointue Virole: Ronde, sans soudure et en laiton nickelé. Manche: Courte, en peinture brillante. Product Name: A to Z, Product Name: Z to A, Reference: Lowest first, Reference: Highest first.

OZ International fabrique et distribue des outils et fournitures pour loisirs créatifs, beaux-arts, arts graphiques, travaux manuels, loisirs pour enfants. Ideal for application of masking fluid.

No more damaged brushes! With a handle like a brus.