Benex extraction system

Extracting teeth with Benex. EDUCATIONAL VIDEO FOR DENTISTS. Polygon of forces, conventional: Pressure on the alveolar wall by forceps or root elevator.

Longitudinal extraction with step by step: Pivot tooth extracted due to. Even if the root could be grabbed with forceps, the danger of a root fracture is very high. Reviews Add Your Review. We did not reinvent the wheel but we redefined extraction with the development of the Benex System.

In modern dental treatment, implantology following extraction is increasingly favored. The preservation of soft and hard tissue is a must. Our Benex extraction system guarantees a . Meisinger Benex – Control Basic ist ein Einstiegssystem mit reduziertem Instrumentarium.

Shanghai Kou Qiang Yi Xue. Ren SX(1), Hu XL, Li JH, Jiang X, Lin Y. Author information: (1)Department of Implantology, School and Hospital of . It uses a pully system to lift the root straight inline with the long axis of the root and socket, without any lateral movement. The fear of tooth extraction may be a thing of the past as the Benex company finds a solution to painful tooth extraction.

This situation may… Read more. Benex has redefined extraction by creating a painless method of tooth extraction. A group of dental surgeons based out of Switzerland developed the extraction system. The Benex system , developed in Switzerland by Dr. Syfrig, is a pullrope extraction system that enables the gentle, atraumatic removal of dental roots avoiding fractures and preserving extraction sockets.

Using the Benex system , Dr. Bolz demonstrates the extraction of upper incisors that are not worth preserving. Save new default values . Please browser and choose products from our online catalogue to add to your online order. A novel method for the socket-shield technique and PDL-mediated ridge preservation. Seventy-two patients with severely decayed teeth or root remnants not suitable for forceps extraction were consecutively recruited and had 1teeth extracted with the use of a novel atraumatic vertical extraction system ( Benex ). Various patient, tooth, and procedure data were recorded and . BENEX EXTRACTION SYSTEM.

Objectives: The aim of this study was to evaluate the applicability and limitations of a novel atraumatic extraction system. Methods: Patients with severely decayed teeth or root remnants not suitable for forceps extraction are consecutively recruited and teeth extracted . Consistent with the principle of minimal invasion, conserving soft and hard tissue structures is a must. Starting with extraction. The modified Benex guarantees a gentle and simple extraction of roots in the whole .