Thanks to the Babymop your floor will stay clean all by itself. Use the mobility of your baby and let your child take on some of the household chores early in life. A great gift idea for a newborn, a baby shower or any other special occasions. Size (8-months) – fits all toddlers at the crawling stage.

Une idée de cadeau amusante pour les naissances et baptêmes.

Grâce au Babymop votre plancher va briller à l`avenir! Taille ( 8- mois ) – adapté pour tous les enfants qui peuvent ramper. Pratique, stretch en velours, 1 coton, fermeture éclair à l`arrière.

Livré avec un mode d`emploi détaillé dans un sac en. It started out as a joke. A Japanese spoof advertisement for a baby outfit with a mop attached so that parents could send little crawlers out to clean their floors.

Saturday Night Live” took the joke to the next level when they ran this commercial for “Swiffer Sleepers.

But then — poof — the Baby Mop became a . La société américaine Better Than Pants, spécialisée dans la création de T-shirts amusants,vient de lancer un tout nouveau produit, le Baby Mop , un vêtement complètement surréaliste qui . A baby mop outfit allows infant to polish floor while crawling. Housework moves down a new notches on the. Get the baby mop AKA the mop romper exclusively at Better Than Pants!

Ask yourself this Can you actually remember anything that happened before your 2nd birthday? So with this in min would you really. Teach your kid a strong work ethic at a young age with the baby mop onesie.

Not only will your baby learn the importance of cleanliness, but he will also. For tired parents and hyperactive babies. Clean your floor the easy way, just wait until your baby starts to crawl and your floor will be polished! Why clean your floor when your baby can do it for you? As the baby crawls, it polishes the floor, dragging bits of dust, dirt and hairballs with it.

Baby Mop : Teach your baby the virtues of hard work and responsiblity at a young age with this onesie that doubles as a mop. See what people are saying and join the conversation.

Inspired by a possibly fictitious Japanese product of the same name, novelty retailer Better Than Pants has released its own version of the Baby Mop —a baby outfit with mop-like material on the underside that allows your otherwise work- averse offspring to clean the house as he crawls around it. Japanese advert of a similar invention. The company offers these . Achetez le Baby Mop : Pyjama-Serpillère sur lavantgardiste.

Nutzen Sie die Mobilität Ihres Kindes!